Un articol din Financial Magazine în care vorbesc despre turism si Europa League

League Cup Final: Match Winner For Romanian Tourism?
League Cup Final brings more than 30,000 tourists to Romania, and several hundreds of thousands will watch the event on television broadcasts worldwide. Stake Romania? Tourism. 

But in the same way that over 30,000 foreign tourists could be either Romanian tourism ambassadors, they may become its most virulent critics.
“Their opinion can not be changed then nor give the romotion million Romania’s international, “it said in a statement sent by Federation of Tourism and Services.

Bucharest prepared How to become capital of European football

Supporters of both teams, Atletico Madrid and Athletic Bilbao will be taken by the airport “Henri Coanda” Otopeni, with buses and taken to the areas for fans. They will receive leaflets with useful information about airport Bucharest, including emergency numbers, city map and the national scene, tourist attractions and contact details of the Embassy of Spain.

Supporters of both teams will have different places of meeting, Atletico Madrid fans meeting in George Enescu Square, while people say Ateltico Madrid will meet Costitutiei Market.
In areas for fans, will be organized spaces for sport and entertainment, which will be concerts of Romanian artists, with Spanish-speaking entertainers, but also stands to promote the capital as well as a “gastronomic area”. Areas will be delineated with special fences and water and toilets will be green, Mediafax.

Fans will not go to the stadium will see final Constitution Square where giant screens will be installed four. Other displays will be located, according to Hall District 6, in parks and Crangasi Camp Road.
Channel 5 broadcast the opening Champions League final with “Palace
In a letter to House deputy, representatives of British television station Channel 5 requested permission to begin broadcasting Champions League final with images of “Ceausescu’s Palace”.

After heated debates in Parliament, solicitation British journalists on shooting in the free regime, allowed deputies to perform their material.

How much money Romania win the Champions League final

More than 40,000 The tourists will come to Bucharest for the Europa League Cup final, told Business24, Dan Matei Agathon, Tourism Employers’ Federation president and Services (FPTS).

Hotels in Bucharest are occupied at a rate of 90-100 %, according to experts surveyed by Business24. football fans to come to Bucharest to see the final Europa League, will spend five million euros this time.

Latin blood of fans come to see the Europa League final Bucharest, will push the cost. Tourists are out of pocket, in this period, approximately five million euros, said the Employers Federation president Business24 Tourism and Services (FPTS), Dan Matei Agathon.

their hotels will be awarded around four million euros from tourists in Bucharest, according to Agathon. “The remaining money will go to restaurants, souvenirs and tickets,” said President FPTS.

Agathon says of this event and future depends largely on tourism in Bucharest, in an optimistic future should receive one million tourists a month.

“More than 1,000 foreign journalists will be present in Bucharest, “said Agathon, who noted that a favorable article Bucharest worth more than a an advertisement broadcast on Euronews.

The effort to organize the Romanian authorities, Agathon compare Europe Summit League final the NATO or the competition circuit monoposturi AutoGP, around Parliament House.
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