FPTS: Romanian tourism has unique opportunity following the problems experienced by Greek tourism sector

Un articol aparut in Bucharest Herald despre Federatia Patronatelor din Turism si Servicii pe care o conduc.

 The problems experienced by tourism in Greece gave Romanian tourism a unique opportunity, according to officials of the Employers Federation of Tourism and Services (FPTS).
“The reallocations of tourists and the reorientation of foreign tour-operators, scared by what is going on in Greece, can be a unique opportunity for Romania to gain a significant inflow of tourists from abroad. Romania can also profit from the move made by Turkey – a country with a high degree of tourist development and already having a tradition on West and East-European markets – to increase prices for 2012. This measure led to a relative shift of the demand for tourist packages in Turkey,” reads a FPTS press release.

Only two European countries – Romania and Bulgaria – can profit from the Greek instability and the Turkish price hike, FPTS believes. Bulgaria has a close and traditional cooperation with German tour-operators, but Romanian tourism must urgently make significant changes if it wants to attract the surplus of western tourists.

“The all-inclusive system must be generalized on the Romanian market, and at the high standards expected by foreign tourists. Plus, when we speak about foreign tourists we should not only focus on the seaside. It is known fact that, when summer is over, foreigners do a lot of balneal tourism and can easily be attracted to spas,” adds the document.

Unfortunately, Romanian spas are in an accelerated decline, such an example being Sarata Monteoru. Although famous in the past for its salty waters, this year it is an almost deserted resort, the pools with salty water are dry and tourists are nowhere to be seen.

The Federation recommends the Tourism Ministry to grant a number of fiscal incentives to Romanian hotel owners, which cannot be competitive on the European market if they are subject to big taxes.

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