Financial Magazine: Agathon – Tourism In Romania Fun Catching Ground

Un articol din Financial Magazine

Dan Matei Agathon, President of the Employers Federation of Tourism and Services (FPTS) considers that more and more tourists from Romania was organized by events and entertainment that take place here.

Lady Gaga concert meant an effective advertising around the world, as Bucharest was called Little Paris of the star, statement read by millions of fans who have seen and fragments of images in the Capital, said in a statement istitutiei.“Follow concerts and other events of this type, such as the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, estimated to bring in Bucharest thousands of tourists. Last but not least, promoting strong this year in Mamaia, crowned by Fashion TV broadcasting, trying to put the resort, so and Romania on world map of tourism destinations of fun, “said Agathon.

According to the official, all this talk about an effort to bring Romania in terms of tourism in the millennium 3 “When ads dusty worth less than a site like Facebook or twitter site of a star with millions of fans.”

He sees the current situation as a heavy battle in which other countries have entered earlier, but where we lost time with innovative ideas and events that we organize in our country.

“It is essential not to stay local, do not expect tourists to find us on us and discover the mistake, but it’s her new look modern by any means, but giving more than sea and mountains, these things are not unique in the world as we would like, but inviting us for special ways to spend free time in a special frame, “said Dan Matei Agathon.

Tourism Agathon fun is comparing the historic center: once gained momentum tourism, entertainment develops in himself, that finds its own pace and meet the expectations of tourists understanding.

This type of promotion and action only needs to be started and then left to grow of himself and the competition that arises between event organizers. See the same thing happening more powerful beach in season.

“Finally, we should get this type of tourism and the mountains to cover and winter. And then we will see how revenues from tourism will grow throughout the year and how tourists will not come here only to discover carts on roads or old habits, but they will feel in Romania as an island of entertainment, “says Dan Matei Agathon.

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